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Tribaleyez Dance is the first American Tribal Style® (ATS®) dance company located in Abbotsford, BC, the heart of the Fraser Valley. We train out of Tha Realm Dance Studio.

Rhiannyn is a certified ATS® Instructor, and the only Sister Studio in the central and upper Fraser Valley region. She is also the first Canadian ATS® Instructor to complete her Sister Studio Continuing Education Recertification in 2015, after completing 13 hrs of workshop instruction, plus 3 private lessons with Carolena, Sandi, and Wendy.       

SSCE Recertification 2016 consisted of 15 hours of FC credited workshops, and another 3 hrs. of private lessons with Carolena, Jesse, and Wendy.

SSCE Recertification 2017 consisted of 13 hours of FC credited workshops, and another 3 hrs. of private lessons with Carolena, and Jesse.

Tribaleyez is honoured to be part of the worldwide community of American Tribal Style® dancers, and to share in the Classic vocabulary of moves, as well as venturing forth into the Modern Style of the FCBD® repertoire.

The majestic beauty in the carriage and costuming leads one to believe this dance is from some long ago era. However, the roots of ATS® began in the 1970s with Masha Archer, and morphed into its present form under the direction of Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman. Although American Tribal Style® is a modern North American form of dance, its creation stems from tribal dance steps found in India, North Africa, and Spain.

American Tribal Style® appears to be choreographed, but it rarely is, and relies mainly on cues given from a leader to their followers. The dance is, therefore, improvised by creating it in the moment.

Tribaleyez Dance is comprised of two dedicated, amazing, strong, and hilarious women, who support each other as true sisters of this fabulous dance style.  We have six women who dance with us, under the Troupe name Tribalspirit, and it's always nice when they are part of the flock.

(And then there's Molly Dancer... she shoulders the burden of being the Diva, so none of us have to take on that persona ;) )

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  • "Hi Rhi, You are SO dedicated and are SO willing to offer SO much... I have never had a belly dance teacher like that, and I must say it is wonderful! I hope to follow in yo..."
    Char Aaberg
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